creative reflection & play

Making art out of the material of life

This decade seems to be all about turbulence, change, and general instability. In moments of disorientation, creative practices like writing and drawing can be very grounding, a light-hearted way to make sense of the world and discover new possibilities for yourself.

Next Workshop

Wed, June 19, 2024 – SUMMER SOLSTICE

$25 or included for full members of the Alchemists Clubhouse

Tues, June 25, 2024 – SUMMER SOLSTICE
@ The Wicked Wolf, Long Beach, CA
$35 includes your first cocktail or mocktail 

This is a workshop to celebrate the outward, illuminating power of the sun. Through a combination of writing and drawing exercises, explore your personal values and how to express them more fully in every day life.

The Zoom workshop is included as part of all paid subscriptions to the Alchemists Clubhouse over on Substack.

Full members automatically receive a Zoom link to join the live workshop a few days in advance and a link to the recording afterward.

The Experience

These guided workshops are designed to keep your energy flowing with the seasons. Creative reflection and self-inquiry are healing and restorative. They also connect mind and body and train the imagination to explore, solve problems, and make new discoveries.

Each 1-hour session takes you through a sequence of easy writing and/or drawing prompts to help you get centered, play, and dream on the page. Themes reflect the movement of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere: the pure potential of Winter hibernation, the fresh growth of Spring, the bright, expansiveness of  Summer, and the release and surrender of Fall.

All materials are provided for in-person workshops at The Wicked Wolf. For Zoom workshops, please see below!

“It’s fun to look back on my sketches from your classes plus extra ones I’ve done during some free time and I’m always amazed what came out in those single hours I was zoned into the creative process.”

“I loved that it was simple and not overwhelming to a beginner, but still very rich because of all of the possibilities the prompts could open. I went into it excited but apprehensive, sure that I was not and could not be an artist. And I came out knowing that that is all nonsense, that we are all artists, and that I could tap into this form for fun, exploration, and guidance in my daily life.”


  • A blank journal or several sheets of blank paper
  • Regular pen or pencil
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or colored markers

You can leave your camera on or off, ask questions or just follow along on your own. There’s some time at the end for optional sharing.

Sample Exercise