Professional Skills

Kathleen Roberton, Program Manager

Kathleen Roberton, Program Manager 150 150 Sharna Fabiano

This has been such a game changer for our team, and huge for me personally as well.  We are more in-tune, aware,  and forgiving of one another. The skills have…

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Priscila Assumpcao, Organizational Consultant

Priscila Assumpcao, Organizational Consultant 150 150 Sharna Fabiano

Having felt it in my body, having seen results immediately, I found the workshop profound and conducive to a definite aha moment.

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Priscila Assumpcao, Colabora Now, Brazil

Priscila Assumpcao, Colabora Now, Brazil 150 150 Sharna Fabiano

As I accepted the challenges presented, having to create with another person, I was surprised at the result. It was much better than anything I had tried to do by…

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Julia Zarina, Partnershift, Calgary

Julia Zarina, Partnershift, Calgary 150 150 Sharna Fabiano

What I loved most about your session was the simplicity of the way you broke down the concept into the three basic components and led us through the somatic experience…

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Desiree de Vries, HR Administrator

Desiree de Vries, HR Administrator 150 150 Sharna Fabiano

Practicing being organized in my thinking and more direct and clear in my communication is already beginning to translate to my work interactions and I know the more I practice,…

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