Tara Laidlaw, Educational Programs Director

Tara Laidlaw, Educational Programs Director 150 150 Sharna Fabiano

Turns out that staying authentic to my own path paid off: I was just offered a position in my niche of expertise, with fair pay and benefits, in a town…

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Kerstin Hellmann, Architect

Kerstin Hellmann, Architect 150 150 Sharna Fabiano

Working with Sharna clarified my values and helped me to see how who I am integrates with what I do.

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Masha Abapolnikova, Interior Designer

Masha Abapolnikova, Interior Designer 150 150 Sharna Fabiano

Sharna’s gentle, thoughtful, deep approach made me re-evaluate every part of my life and helped me make some very important, life-changing decisions that are still affecting my life today.

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