Easing Impatience

Easing Impatience 900 601 Sharna Fabiano

Wherever deadlines, deliverables, and metrics exist, we will experience impatience from time to time. Sometimes clients, supervisors, or board members will be impatient with us or our work, and sometimes…

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Asking for Help

Asking for Help 640 640 Sharna Fabiano

Like so many essential life skills, asking for help is something I remember learning very early in my childhood, but then forgetting as I became an adult. Tying shoes, doing…

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Trusting Yourself

Trusting Yourself 640 640 Sharna Fabiano

It’s almost a cliché to say, “trust yourself,” when beginning any new endeavor, but I find it’s tricky to pin down in terms of concrete experience. How, exactly, do I…

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