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Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone 750 750 Sharna Fabiano

Stepping out of your “comfort zone” is an overused catch phrase in coaching, business, and creative work. What does it really mean? And why do we need to be uncomfortable?…

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Staying Centered

Staying Centered 750 946 Sharna Fabiano

I love the idea of centering, which is both a physical experience and a spiritual one at the same time. The circle comes to mind immediately, as in my recent…

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Being Brave

Being Brave 900 600 Sharna Fabiano

On the dance floor, followers frequently accept invitations from strangers, and willingly make themselves physically vulnerable in the arms of their leader. The acceptance of a dance is also acceptance…

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Making Stress A Catalyst For Change

Making Stress A Catalyst For Change 900 600 Sharna Fabiano

Change can be scary, I know, but when you’re looking forward in your life and thinking, “This can’t go on,” or “I don’t want to live like this anymore,” change…

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