emotional intelligence


GREAT READS 900 600 Sharna Fabiano

Below is a collection of books that I frequently recommend to friends and clients. These titles have inspired by thinking, my creativity, and my professional work, and they cover a…

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Leaders Who Care

Leaders Who Care 1382 675 Sharna Fabiano

Think of all of the teachers, parents, or mentors who have supported you in the past, those who made a difference in your life at the time, or perhaps for…

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Transforming Fear Into Courage

Transforming Fear Into Courage 1382 922 Sharna Fabiano

In Leigh Bardugo’s marvelous novel, Six of Crows, the protagonist Inej reminds herself, “When there is fear, something is about to happen.” In this way, she trains herself to pay…

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Emotional Awareness

Emotional Awareness 1000 1000 Sharna Fabiano

Emotional awareness, or emotional intelligence, is the ability to read and interpret our own feelings, empathize with others, and adjust our speech and behavior to reflect social context. It’s a…

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