You are the artist of your own life

As we move together from 2020 into 2021, massive changes and adjustments are still in process, both personally and politically. The pandemic persists, as does social and economic struggle. Perhaps some things have become simpler for you this year while others have become more complex. It is a chaotic time, but in moments of disarray, our own creativity can be both a grounding anchor and a beacon of light.


All sessions at 4pm PST/7pm EST

Sunday, Dec. 20 (Winter Solstice)
Sunday, Jan. 3
Sunday, Jan. 17
Sunday, Jan. 31 (Imbolc/High Winter)
Sunday, Feb. 21
Sunday, March 7
Sunday, March 21 (Spring Equinox)
Sunday, April 11
Sunday, May 2 (Beltane/High Spring)
Sunday, May 23
Sunday, June 6
Sunday, June 20 (Summer Solstice)


All sessions will be held on Zoom. You can leave your camera on or off, ask questions or just follow along on your own. All sessions will be recorded and made available in case you miss any.

*Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash

The Concept

Sketchbook is a series of guided mini-workshops to keep your creative energy flowing into the first half of 2021. Creative practices are not only healing and rewarding in and of themselves; they also train the mind to explore, see possibilities, solve problems, and make discoveries. Use your sketchbook as a journal, a doodle pad, a release valve, a confessional. Use it for ten minutes a day, or as a longer meditative retreat a few times a week.

Where are you ready to let go?

Each of the twelve 1-hour sessions takes you through a sequence of writing and drawing prompts to help you reflect, release, play, and imagine. Themes follow the nature calendar in the Northern Hemisphere, beginning with the internal darkness of the Winter Solstice, symbolic of the feminine and of pure potential. We continue every 2-3 weeks all the way to the Summer Solstice, the moment of brightest expansion and fullest manifestation.

Where are you ready to grow?

After each session you’ll receive summary notes by email for further exploration on your own in between sessions. There will be opportunities for optional sharing with the group as we go along. One beautiful thing about a sketchbook is that you can move backward and forward through time. It is not a linear journey but a spiraling one, sometimes revisiting and developing older pages, sometimes leaping boldly into the new fallen snow of a new page.


  • A sketchbook or journal with blank pages, any size
  • Everyday pen or pencil
  • Some combination of thick and thin crayons, colored pencils, ink pens/markers, paint pens/markers, and/or oil pastels
  • For some sessions, you may be asked to bring specific items such as different size bottle caps, cups, and jar lids or paper/magazine clippings and glue.

*If you plan to use any kind of paint, make sure you choose a sketchbook made with thicker paper designated for watercolor or mixed media use.

Sketchbook is just $99 for twelve sessions when paid before Dec. 31, or $129 after. All sessions are recorded with notes so you can sign up anytime and watch past sessions as your schedule permits. They are not sequential. To sign up, write to Sharna.

Sketchbook Sample

Questions about Sketchbook?

If you have any questions, please write to Sharna.