weekly mindfulness practice

“We have art in order not to die of the truth.” – Nietzsche

Few of us expected a pandemic, a political crisis, and multiple natural disasters these past couple of years, much less all at once. Yet here we are, each of us struggling through a wide spectrum of social, financial, physical and spiritual challenges. I will not say that art is the answer, but I do believe it is part of the answer.

Question 1

What does my body need?

Activity 1

Write a letter to a friend or loved one. The lost art of letter writing has many benefits: it engages the body in the act of moving the hand. The use of pen and paper make the activity not only social, but inherently artistic in nature. Your handwriting is as unique as your fingerprint. The time it takes to translate thought to word to paper requires a  process that is distinct from typing or speaking. Slowing down makes us more intentional, our choices more deliberate.

The Concept

The Lotus Journal is a weekly email featuring one piece of art, one check-in question, and one healing activity to feed your joy, creativity, and power. Some of the activities are playful (draw with your eyes closed), others meditative (square breathing), and still others relational (call a friend). All can be completed in less than 10 minutes, and all can also be expanded into longer or daily practices if you wish.

Revolutions are fueled by creative energy.

In the sense that it gestates, labors, and births something new, a revolution is a creative process. Whether you’re in the midst of your own personal revolution right now or joining the very public one unfolding on our streets and within our institutions, this digital journal is designed to strengthen and nourish the roots of your own creative power.

“It was like receiving a deep breath in my inbox. Each painting was completely unique, and the exercises gave me new perspectives to play with, each bringing me back to myself.”
– Elise Dorsett, Transformational Life Coach

The Lotus journal is a self-guided exploration that runs for nearly an entire year (50 virtual weekly “pages”).

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Lotus Journal: Print Version!

The Lotus Journal is now available in print! The 100-page book follows the same format at the digital version, with 50 weeks of Lotus paintings, inquiry questions, and mindfulness practices. Start anytime, or turn to a random page each day. The journal is a perfect gift for yourself, friends, or family.

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