a little structure to keep you going

You get to choose where to put your energy

Change is a whole lot easier when we’re doing it together, and just knowing that you’re not alone can make a huge difference. A lot of us are feeling sluggish and heavy right now, and for good reason. The Brilliance sessions function as a structured, monthly support system to keep you going.

Scheduled Dates

Sundays at 10am PST/1pm EST

2022 SERIES – $25 each
Sunday, Jan. 16: Resolutions
Sunday, Feb. 13: Boundaries
Sunday, March TBA
Sunday, April TBA
Sunday, May TBA
Sunday, June TBA
Sunday, July TBA
Sunday, Aug. TBA
Sunday, Sept. TBA
Sunday, Oct. TBA
Sunday, Nov. TBA
Sunday, Dec. TBA

The Concept

Brilliance is a series of thematic workshops to keep you focused, centered, and productive this coming year. Based on the coaching methodology of the same name, these monthly gatherings provide bite-size, high-value strategies for healthy life and work.

Each 1-hour session is a structured hour of guided writing exercises and simple mindfulness exercises. The support of a small group of people working separately yet together works like a virtual coffee shop.⁠ Doing this work as a group is fun and inspiring, and each month we’ll cover one of the foundational Brilliance tools I use with my private coach clients. ⁠Use them yourself and share them with friends, family, and colleagues.

“There isn’t a day that goes by where the practices and awarenesses I learned while working with Sharna have not come into play.”
–T. C., Breathwork Guide

“Sharna’s coaching helps one realize the answers are within, and most of us just need a little push in the right direction to see this.”
–S.D., Physical Therapist

If you’re registered for the upcoming session, you’ll receive a Zoom link via email a few days in advance. You can leave your camera on or off, ask questions or just follow along on your own. There will be a few minutes at the end for optional sharing of experiences. Make sure you have a journal and pen or pencil to write with.

Brilliance sessions are now available in my Inspiration Shop. $25 per household.