Creative Dynamics of
Leading & Following

In-Person Events

Hello, and thank you for your interest in this work!

This 7-minute demo video gives an example of my experiential learning style on the topic of leadership and followership. Professionals working in leadership development and education, corporate culture, change management, and team-building will find the approach refreshing and provocative. These sessions are highly interactive, physical, and connected, an opportunity to literally put ideas into motion.

Key Participant Takeaways

  • Learn how following skills make relationships more authentic and productive
  • Gain techniques to help teams build trust quickly, communicate clearly, and boost creativity
  • Get tips to reduce conflict, raise your EQ, and stay calm in high-stress situations

“We weren’t glued to our chairs listening to the theory but rather were actively engaged in the experiential learning within a clear framework set in the beginning of the session. I got to partner up with a couple people who had some great personal a-ha moments while we were going through the exercises, which was pretty special to see and be part of.”
Julia Zarina, Partnershift, Calgary

“It was very easy to associate that with real life and led me to reflect on how this applies to my work and personal life. Having felt it in my body, having seen results immediately, I found the workshop profound and conducive to a definite aha moment. I highly recommend it and am grateful to Sharna for how beautifully she brings this reflection and revelation to us.”
Priscila Assumpcao, Colabora Now, Brazil

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