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making space for each other

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making space for each other

Everyone leads and everyone follows

The most important professional skill of our time is collaboration, and to do it well, everyone on a team must be able to both lead and follow well, depending on the needs of the situation. After all, can you really lead if no one is following?

It’s not just the leader of a team who matters; everyone matters. And if we expect everyone to be able to step into leadership at any moment, we need to make sure everyone has strong followership skills, too.

Group coaching is an opportunity to upskill in both leadership and followership at the same time. With role clarity, team members support one another effectively and contribute creatively toward shared goals. Participants learn to lead with a lighter touch and follow with greater freedom. Role-flexible teams operate both on a subtle level, through mindset and self-management, and also more overtly, through skillful communication and appropriate action.

Lead & Follow Skill Sheet

This 1-page framework shows nine leader-follower skill pairs within three distinct phases of team and relationship development. Pin this sheet near your desk as a reminder to ask yourself which role you need to activate more of from day to day and from meeting to meeting. De-mystify awkward moments and relax into an authentic way of working as you move back and forth between leading and following.

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Group Coaching Programs

Inspired by principles of social dance, team coaching programs explore three phases of building a great team: Connect, Collaborate, and Co-Create. Refining both leadership and followership skills throughout this cycle improves communication, reduces conflict and negativity, and makes teams more productive.

E-Course Program

Combine my 2-hour self-paced e-course, CONNECT, with live kickoff and closing workshops on Zoom to customize and reinforce the material. CONNECT focuses on relationship-building skills in both the leadership and followership roles, the foundation for healthy team collaboration.

  • Participants can complete the course in 10 minutes a day or in larger chunks, accommodating differing schedules.
  • Story-based, bite-size video lessons keep things moving
  • Comment prompts and tiny challenges ensure concrete takeaways.
  • Kickoff and closing workshops include experiential learning activities and discussion to help participants identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

“My experience with the Lead & Follow curriculum was enlightening and empowering. The use of the dancing analogy as a way to understand the importance of communication and connection enabled me to visualize how I can be effective in my role.”
Kathy Mellstrom, Operations

01 Preparation

Planning call with group representatives to customize kickoff workshop activities.

02 Kickoff

90-minute workshop to explore leadership and followership roles and practice skills through experiential learning activities.

03  E-Course

Self-paced social learning platform with bite-size lessons and discussion prompts along the way.

04 Support

Ask questions right inside the course platform container and get answers within 24 hours.

05 Closing

90-minute workshop to reinforce key takeaways and make plans to integrate new skills as a group.

Seminar Program

In a series of nine live workshops, groups explore pairs of leadership and followership skills in depth, identifying areas for improvement in their own personal work routines as well as in situations where they interact with others.

  • Participants receive a complimentary copy of Lead & Follow: The Dance of Inspired Teamwork
  • Meet weekly for 1 hour
  • Track changes and observations with others week-by-week
  • Larger groups organized into cohorts of 8-10 participants to keep discussions intimate and meaningful
  • Interactive exercises and role-plays incorporated into group sessions for enhanced learning and integration

“This program gave me a whole new mental framework for understanding teamwork. I keep finding new ways to understand both my professional and personal relationships in the context of this material. It was truly transformative.”
Corie Bales, Educational Designer

01 Strategy

60-minute strategy call with team lead or select participants to customize seminar exercises and activities

02 Self-Study

Read one chapter per week from the book Lead & Follow, and track your progress in a journal as you experiment with selected practices from week to week.

03 Group Learning

Nine 60-minute group sessions to discuss challenges, share discoveries, and practice new skills in creative activities and role-plays.

04 Email Access

Ask questions and get answers within 24 hours. You have email access throughout the program to guide your day-to-day process

05 Integration

Final 60-minute wrap-up session with all participants to answer questions, identify key takeways, and plan future collaborative strategy.

Why Lead & Follow?

  1. Improve challenging relationships
  2. Reduce conflict, stress and tension
  3. Get what you need from others more easily
  4. Enjoy more of your work day
  5. Become a versatile and well-rounded professional

“Sharna gives individuals and teams a common language and a set of practical tools to help improve communication, resolve conflict, and address other issues that stand in the way of an optimal relationship.”

–NATASHA PORTER, CEO, Ambassador Leaders

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What Clients
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