Creative Fire

6-Week Summer Course

A course to inspire your creativity

This 6-week course celebrates the fiery, expressive energy of Summer. We will explore creativity in six ordinary areas of life – places where you may not normally think of yourself as being creative! Doing the dishes? Meditation? Work? Your everyday life can be a lot more creative with a lot less effort than you might expect.


We start on Thursday, 6/27 and then all Tuesdays in July
6/27 @ 4pm PST | 7pm EST
7/2 @ 4pm PST | 7pm EST
7/9 @ 4pm PST | 7pm EST
7/16 @ 4pm PST | 7pm EST
7/23 @ 4pm PST | 7pm EST
7/30 @ 4pm PST | 7pm EST

Course Fee: $300
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Creative Fire: 6-week Course

Creativity is part of who you are – your personal expression of life force. Long ago, nearly all human activities, from carving a spoon to delivering a baby to healing a fever, were accompanied by some sort of aesthetic ritual. Our lives were once thoroughly woven with song, dance, story, art, and adornment. Today we think of creativity as a specialized skill, when in fact it is an innate part of being human, a quality that intuitively connects us with other humans and with all of nature.

Over these six weeks, we will use a combination of somatic practice, writing exercises, coaching techniques, and supplemental reading and podcast assignments to nurture your own creative fire and meet any obstacles that arise. In this course, obstacles to creative flow are not “in the way.” Rather THEY ARE THE WAY. Obstacles are raw material for creative transformation and we will hold them together with honor and respect.


Week 1: Creativity and the Sacred
Week 2: Creativity and the Mundane
Week 3: Creativity and the Body
Week 4: Creativity and Work
Week 5: Creativity and Family
Week 6: Creativity and Community


  • Weekly 75-minute sessions on Zoom – through guided exercises and group coaching, you’ll collect insights from other participants stories, challenges and victories and gain confidence in sharing your own.
  • Short reading/writing/listening assignments – these provide extra inspiration in between sessions and will be selected based on participants’ interests and the themes of the course.
  • Design and execute your own tiny creative project – we will begin preparing for this with a guided writing assignment in week 4. It will be a creative idea that feels fun to you and that you can execute in a total of 1-2 hours.