Staying Centered

Staying Centered 750 946 Sharna Fabiano

I love the idea of centering, which is both a physical experience and a spiritual one at the same time. The circle comes to mind immediately, as in my recent…

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Solutions for Leadership Challenges

Solutions For Leadership Challenges

Solutions For Leadership Challenges 900 600 Sharna Fabiano

We expect a lot from our leaders, both creatively and professionally, and perhaps because there’s such an excess of training, writing, and cultural knowledge about how to lead, I find…

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Being Brave

Being Brave 900 600 Sharna Fabiano

On the dance floor, followers frequently accept invitations from strangers, and willingly make themselves physically vulnerable in the arms of their leader. The acceptance of a dance is also acceptance…

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Easing Impatience

Easing Impatience 900 601 Sharna Fabiano

Wherever deadlines, deliverables, and metrics exist, we will experience impatience from time to time. Sometimes clients, supervisors, or board members will be impatient with us or our work, and sometimes…

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Making Stress A Catalyst For Change

Making Stress A Catalyst For Change 900 600 Sharna Fabiano

Change can be scary, I know, but when you’re looking forward in your life and thinking, “This can’t go on,” or “I don’t want to live like this anymore,” change…

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Speaking Up at Work

Speaking Up at Work 1000 1000 Sharna Fabiano

One big reason many of us have difficulty speaking up at work is that we fear losing our job, being passed up for promotion, damaging a professional relationship, or some…

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Strong Followers: Interview with Joe LaSala

Strong Followers: Interview with Joe LaSala 900 600 Sharna Fabiano

“I want to be your bass player – necessary, holds the song together, but doesn’t need to be out in front.” As he tells the story, this is how Joe…

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Preventing an Argument

Preventing an Argument 1000 1000 Sharna Fabiano

Arguments are never fun, but more importantly, they are usually a colossal waste of time and energy. Different from productive disagreement, which can actually be a creative process in itself,…

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Responding to Feedback

Responding to Feedback 1000 1000 Sharna Fabiano

I don’t know anyone who likes this topic – it generates an almost universal “ick” response. And although most of us receive feedback at our jobs on a regular basis,…

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Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries 640 640 Sharna Fabiano

As I explore the concept of followership in the workplace, one skill has popped up again and again as simultaneously the most critical and also the most difficult: setting boundaries.…

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