When to Lead – When to Follow

When to Lead – When to Follow 1000 1333 Sharna Fabiano

I’m sitting in the chair in the hair salon. Normally Lionel leads these quarterly encounters, asking me charming questions about my writing, my artwork, guiding the conversation to make the…

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Beginners Mind

Beginners Mind 500 355 Sharna Fabiano

During the final production of my dance company in 2010, I had the honor to collaborate and train with actor Dan Istrate, who has since become a close friend. You…

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Free: Leading and Following Florence

Free: Leading and Following Florence 1920 1280 Sharna Fabiano

I love Florence + The Machine, and listening to their most recent album, Dance Fever, created during the pandemic period, has been especially cathartic for me this year. Last Saturday,…

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A Follower Saves the Day

A Follower Saves the Day 1199 723 Sharna Fabiano

Elliot, a technical engineer, was assigned to monitor a piece of machinery he was unfamiliar with. Over the first few weeks, he had questions for the supervisor in charge, but…

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Culture of Support

Culture of Support 2016 946 Sharna Fabiano

There are more than 20 of us on Zoom for a monthly volunteer meeting for Exhale Pro-Voice, a support textline for people who have had abortions. We start with a…

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In Defense of Leadership (and Followership)

In Defense of Leadership (and Followership) 903 602 Sharna Fabiano

I recently joined a staff of young artists and teachers for a short-term community project. In a conversation during our preliminary training, I was startled to hear several of them…

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Civic Followership

Civic Followership 1126 1500 Sharna Fabiano

As relieved as I feel since the US Presidential election was definitively called for Joe Biden, I also have a new and startling appreciation for the fragility of our democracy,…

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Leaders Who Care

Leaders Who Care 1382 675 Sharna Fabiano

Think of all of the teachers, parents, or mentors who have supported you in the past, those who made a difference in your life at the time, or perhaps for…

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Transforming Fear Into Courage

Transforming Fear Into Courage 1382 922 Sharna Fabiano

In Leigh Bardugo’s marvelous novel, Six of Crows, the protagonist Inej reminds herself, “When there is fear, something is about to happen.” In this way, she trains herself to pay…

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Followership in Public

Followership in Public 900 675 Sharna Fabiano

I’ve been writing about followership at work for a while now. As professionals, we celebrate leadership but overlook followership, and there are real personal and organizational losses that come from…

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