“A work of art is completed by the viewer”
-Marcel Duchamp

The Process

I never expected to become a painter.

But as I finished graduate school and was faced with limited resources and lingering injuries, I saw the proverbial writing on the wall. The chapter of dance in my life was ending. At the suggestion of a friend, I started an art journal as a personal practice. That journal opened the door for the work on this page to emerge.

A longtime practitioner of yoga, the concepts of mindfulness, intention, and creativity had already influenced my choreography and my teaching of social dance. Now I became more and more interested in how the cultivation of one’s inner state influences artistic craft, and vice versa. Painting gave me a way to explore this idea in another medium.

Focusing on color and texture, and allowing the mind to rest on the sensation of marking the paper, these abstract compositions are inspired both by the witnessing state of sitting meditation and by the active listening and responding found in improvised dance. In that sense, they are based on a process of discovery and intuitive choice-making.

Purchasing Artwork Online

All artwork is available for purchase unless marked sold. Please send me a note to arrange purchase and delivery.


This series of very tiny paintings feel like pages of a sketchbook set free to float away on their own. Each one began its life as part of a large sheet of watercolor paper, which was cut into smaller pieces halfway through the process. This act of destruction became a new beginning for the resulting fragments, as I soon saw them from a fresh perspective and continued to develop them further on their own. If you look closely, you can see where some share common background patterns, colors, or  markings.

These 5.5 x 7.5-inch mixed media paintings are mailed flat in cardboard envelopes. They will fit into any standard 5×7 mat or frame. $25 each includes shipping.


I made this series of spare, breezy watercolor paintings during the first several months of 2021, a time that felt very tender and careful for me. I craved gentleness,  simplicity, and as you can see, a lot of space. They feature two symbols that have strong meaning for me: the tree and the mandala. They bring a light, delicate energy into small office spaces, reading nooks, and hallways.

These 9×12 inch paintings are explorations of ink and watercolor on paper. They are mailed flat with black custom-cut mats and backings. With their mats, they will fit into any 11×14 frame of your choosing. $50 each + $10 shipping.

River of Stars
The Gardener
Earth & Sky
Wind (SOLD)
Fade (SOLD)
Beginning (SOLD)
Duet (SOLD)
Tree Dance (SOLD)
Breathe (SOLD)
Whisper (SOLD)


“Without the mud, there can be no lotus” -Thich Nhat Hanh

The Lotus Series is a mixed media project that was originally inspired by a trip to southern India in February 2020. However, the international pandemic that spread so quickly that year made the lotus-like themes of transformation and transcendence even more resonant for me. The lotus rises slowly from the darkness at the bottom of the pond, breaking the surface to bloom in the light. These small 9×9 inch paintings are an exploration of acrylic, watercolor, ink, and collage on paper. The collection originally included 90 paintings, a dozen of which are currently on display locally in Long Beach, and many more of which have found their forever homes. The remaining pieces are shown below – they are mailed flat and unframed in cardboard-lined envelopes. $50 each + $10 US shipping.

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Two Suns
Power (SOLD)
Focus (SOLD)


These small 8 x 8 paintings come ready to hang in sleek, narrow, black “floating” frames that surround the canvas like a fitted box. Perfect for hallways, home offices, cubicles, and other small work spaces. Pair two or more together for a dynamic visual “conversation.” $40 each + $10 shipping.

One of Knives
Two of Knives
Three of Knives
Four of Knives
Five of Shapes
Six of Shapes

2018-2021 – LARGER WORK

Please send me a note for pricing on the paintings below.

Reveal (2021)
24 x 24 inches
Surprises (2021)
24 x 24 inches
Green Woman (2021)
24 x 24 inches
Ocean Impressions (2021)
24 x 30 inches
Coastline Impressions (2021)
24 x 30 inches
Three Trees (2018)
30 x 40 inches
Go Deep 1 (2019)
24 x 30 inches
Go Deep 2 (2019)
24 x 30 inches
Reflection (2018)
36 x 48 inches
Joy (2018)
36 x 48 inches
Durga Ma (2018)
24 x 30 inches
Winter Solstice (2018)
11×14 inches