Intentional Gatherings

I love working with groups in a relaxed and mindful environment. When we connect authentically for a focused period of time, a collective field of intelligence emerges. Participants learn from one another as well as from the material and structure of the event, and multiple layers of insight take the learning experience to a deeper level.

My mission is to encourage a balanced, creative quality of life through the harmonizing of mind, body, and spirit. With a varied background in dance, art, writing, yoga, meditation, and empowerment, I'm able to customize workshops by integrating multiple complimentary disciplines. Supportive, playful, and liberating are some words that participants have used to describe the atmosphere at these events. Participants leave not only with new skills, but also with new ideas and inspired ways of being that energize their work and home lives.

Whether a compact, two-hour session, a weekend intensive, or a residential retreat, I would love to talk with you about designing a program that will have a positive, lasting impact for your group or community. Just fill out the form to the right and I'll be in touch within 24 hours.

From Retreat Participants

 Photo by Sally wright

Photo by Sally wright

"After a short creative retreat this past weekend led by Sharna, I felt my energy shift profoundly as I immersed myself in both nature & within the company of 5 incredibly inspiring females. With the combination of meditation, yoga, creative & movement based exercises, nourishing meals, hiking & nature immersion, I felt an internal shift synchronistic with the spring equinox. I vividly began to see my true path unfold in my mind, clear as ever, feeling extremely blessed & supported in my journey. So grateful to feel so alive & reconnected with the very best version of myself." –Staci Nicoletti, Massage Therapist
I found the CREATE retreat so helpful in the sense that it allowed time and room and the connection to our body and with nature (all literally) for us to be there for ourselves. To be there for the vision we see to develop and to begin to take shape."  –Alice Wang, Software Engineer
“The retreat was wonderful. I am so happy that I came. There was a friendly and supportive atmosphere conducive to having fun while learning. Being very new to leading, I was tentative in the beginning, but came away with far more confidence. In addition to the dance classes and practice times, I enjoyed “Circle Time.” Self exploration is always interesting to me, and a part of my Spiritual Journey. Your presented exercises were a new way to experience this. Plus the food was superb!” –Aundria McMillan Humphrey
"Sharna Fabiano brought magic to our community! She has transformed not only our dance skills, but also our views of the tango experience as a whole." –Laila Qudsi Stewart, Speech Therapist
“This retreat was unique because of the holistic focus. It gave all kinds of experiences that encourage tango to be connected to real life. Because of this all female group I felt more relaxed in some ways and more challenged in others. It gave me different ways to experience myself and tango, which I found invigorating. I found that spending extended time in the lead role began to give me a sense of ownership and responsibility for creating the dance in the way I want." –Delisa Miles, Creative Director, Flying Nest Movement Arts