Get your own deck of Tango Intentions cards!

This deck of one-word intention cards is a creative tool designed to enhance tango learning and dancing. Use it when practicing or as a way of breathing life into your social dancing. Both amateur and professional teachers, organizers, and volunteers might find these cards useful for encouraging more expressive partnership in the classroom. Performers might use them to inspire, structure, and focus informal exhibitions and demonstrations. Similar to the way you might set an intention for a yoga practice, the mind-body connection can produce immediate results on or off the dance floor. It is my hope that the cards will contribute to more inspired and connected dancing, teaching, and living. Here are some personal stories from current Tango Intentions fans:

"What an incredible tool. Easy to travel with me and always there to open a class, wrap up a class, work on qualities, communication. A SOURCE OF CREATIVE TEACHINGS" - Brigitta Winkler, Berlin/NYC
“The Tango Intentions Cards are such a fun and thoughtful tool for any tango dancer to use and play with." - Tomás Howlin, Montreal
"Sometimes, when a group class or a private lesson gets challenging and the energy drains from the room, I get the deck out and the roadblocks suddenly matter a lot less. Once, a student asked me if they could frame one of the cards and put it up on their wall, as an Intention for Life :)" -Masha Abapolnikova, Washington, DC

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Deck includes 52 cards plus color key and suggested uses. $20.00 includes shipping (U.S. only)

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How will you use Tango Intentions?

"Occasionally, I reach into the bedside night table and pull out the cards. One of us picks a card and whispers the word to the other. We introduce the energy in the word into our love making. Fun." - Anonymous
"I want to tell you how much I admire the first glance my knee-jerk reaction was that it seemed silly, but when [a friend] walked me through it, I was truly amazed at what an AWESOME tool they are for learning/teaching tango." –Sidney Grant, 2011 USA Argentine Tango Salon Champion, NYC
"I love my Tango Intention cards ! I've had them for awhile and use them not only for tango but as a daily practice to be more mindful through out the day. Even choosing just one card helps 'shift' how I think about my day." - Laurie Ann Greenberg, Portland, OR
"I really like finding ways that have the effect of getting people to focus more deeply and attentively with curiosity on their partners and this was a very simple and effective way to do that." -Mitra Martin, Los Angeles
"One use that came to mind outside of dance is when I was first getting to know someone in a relationship. We took turns picking a card and asking the other: What do you do/ How do you express when you are feeling _____? Sometimes the replies were words, other times actions, but in either case each of us get a chance to witness a spectrum of the others expressions and it became easier to interpret our unique non-verbal cues after that." - Anonymous
"I used the cards to evaluate a personal challenge. I quickly went through each card, noting the first thing that came to mind, setting apart the "all good" from the "hazy". As a result, I had one tiny pile, where the words and colors instantly helped me see where I could begin to focus on sorting things out. And, I had an even larger pile, which provided instant reassurance and hope." -JDP, Los Angeles
"I have learned a lot about my dancing habits and preferences, my beliefs and my development potential. It's so easy because the cards allow to be somebody else and you can dance in a way you would never do when you dance at your normal milongas." -Claudia Schutze, Berlin
"I handed around the Tango Intention cards at work!  I did it as a fun thing, for people to consider looking at their work and their approach to it differently." -Caroline Peattie, San Francisco Bay Area

What do the colors mean?

RED cards are associated with action. They represent yang, outward, doing energy
BLUE cards are associated with awareness. They represent yin, inward, being energy
GREEN cards are associated with expression and aesthetic qualities
GOLD cards are associated with interaction and interpersonal dynamics