How to Save a Memory (2016)

Created in collaboration with Jayne Lee (Human Nature Dance Theater) and Delisa Myles (Flying Nest Movement Arts), this 15-minute duet asks how distance and disappearance resonate in the body. What does closeness feel like? What happens when someone is far away? Premiered as part of Human Nature Dance Theater's production Migration at Arcosanti in northern Arizona.

After Hours (2014)

Inspired by the melancholy elegance of Buenos Aires tango clubs, After Hours offers a glimpse into the late-night lives of four quirky café employees. Created with the support of an incredible cast, crew, and design team as part of the MFA Upstarts series in the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance.

Prawns a la Indigo (2013)

Created in collaboration with Czech physical theater company Spitfire, this project sources images of surreal visual artists from the early 20th century, and features the unconventional use of tango-inspired movement. Themes of femininity, madness, dream reality, and the unconscious guide the plotting of a revolution to "free the prawns." Directed by Mirenka Cechova.

The Blue Corset (2013)

An experimental dance film about the inner emotional world of a woman getting dressed to go out for the evening. The camera reveals fragments of her: the lacing of her corset, the swish of her skirt, her gaze. Partial views of kicks, slides, and spins suggest inner turmoil while calculated, minimal gestures establish a calm exterior. Music by Jack Lipson.

Ocean Piece (2011)

Created in collaboration with Czech director Mirenka Cechova, this project features a movement vocabulary inspired by images of the ocean: its stillness, rhythm, and violence. It contrasts the delicacy of human relations with large-scale natural disasters, and explores the tension between acceptance and denial, togetherness and separateness.