June 8-11, 2017:
PodeRosa Retreat

WOMEN OF TANGO: Do you want to lead? Join me and DJ extraordinaire Adriana Pinto for a relaxing and inspiring weekend in New England.

PodeRosa is a 3-day retreat set in the beautiful woodlands and meadows of western Massachusetts. Become a more calm and confident leader, replenish with a daily yoga practice designed for tango dancers, and re-energize your spirit with walks through the forest.

"The women's tango retreat totally transformed my dance." - Madeleine Gersh


November 2-5, 2017:
Skull Valley Retreat

WOMEN OF TANGO: Join me and special guest Delisa Myles for long weekend of dance, nature, and personal reflection in northern Arizona.

This 3-day retreat combines yoga, tango, and nature walks through the powerful mountain landscape of Prescott National Forest. Strengthen your leading and nurture your body, mind, and spirit with daily yoga and locally sourced, exquisite vegetarian meals.


Tango Intentions:
Get your own card deck!

"I have learned a lot about my dancing habits and preferences, my beliefs and my development potential. It's so easy because the cards allow to be somebody else and you can dance in a way you would never do when you dance at your normal milongas."  –Claudia Schutze, Berlin