Art Cards: share with friends and family

Beautiful blank greeting cards for thank you's, birthdays, and celebrations of all kinds! Vibrant colors, soft matte finish. 4.5 x 6 inches. Printed in the United States.

Each box contains ten cards (five of each design as shown above) plus 10 white envelopes. $20 includes shipping (U.S. addresses only).


What does empowerment coaching do?

The technique of coaching gently but firmly expands and challenges your current perspective through a process of close listening and precise questioning.

By learning to see yourself and your current situation with fresh eyes, you strengthen your ability to articulate and actualize both short- and long-term goals. Coaching can support you in pursuing professional ambitions, shifting relationship dynamics, launching new creative projects, or establishing a healthier work/life balance. The process is client-centered, and the expert on you is always YOU. We work as a team to uncover your unique path of brilliance.