Followership Training

great leaders need great followers

Follower is not a term of weakness but the condition that permits leadership to exist and gives it strength.
— Ira Chaleff

The term followership may seem unfamiliar in the business world, even unsavory, but that is changing. Seen as a dynamic complement to leadership, followership becomes a powerful position and represents a crucial collection of support skills for employees at all levels and across all industries. Leaders only succeed when they have outstanding support. The lens of followership makes it easier and more intuitive for employees to learn how to consistently provide this support.

Workshops introduce the concept of empowered following, and how those in primarily following roles can most effectively support those in leadership roles in specific ways. Through a combination of interactive movement exercises, written responses, and group discussion, participants explore skills and practices that can improve communication, boost productivity, and diminish conflict in their everyday work environment. Employees in management roles learn how switching between leading and following can be organic, and how the two roles complement one another to improve work flow and professional relationships.

Followership Skills

Connection: Our work becomes meaningful to us when we have the sense of mutual investment in a shared purpose.

Attention: listening, acceptance, positivity

Engagement: when and how to question, suggest, and inform

Openness: ability to receive feedback, learn through disagreement

Collaboration: We need one another in order to do our best. How can we work with others most effectively?

Delivery: producing quality work on time

Flexibility: readily adapting to change

Patience: calm under stressful conditions

Safeguard: setting healthy boundaries

Creativity: Taking ownership of our work requires a personal commitment, and looks different for everyone.

Bravery: self-educating to solve problems, offering solutions

Style: experimenting, thinking critically, personalizing your work

Initiative: organizing others around an idea, considering impact