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CREATE: a 3-day retreat for your inner artist
March 22-25, 2018
Idyllwild, CA (2 hours east of Los Angeles)

We are all artists, despite living in a culture that does its best to limit art-making to early childhood. Imagination fuels our most meaningful contributions, whether they turn up in the kitchen or the conference room. For this reason, art-making as a personal practice is a powerful tool with which we can direct our lives. It does not need to be expensive or time-consuming, but it does need to be FUN!

Creating releases your own unique kind of magic. It encourages confidence and belief in yourself. In the beginning, there’s a blank page, and then, ten minutes (or ten hours) later, there is a poem, a flower arrangement, or a bookshelf. When given space and time, you can and will conceive new ideas, nurture them, and bring them forth into the world. This retreat coincides with the Spring Equinox, a celebration of the potential for growth and the coming of the light. Reconnect with your creativity and plant some potent seeds for a new professional goal, a new personal project, or a new way of being.

OVERVIEW: To cultivate an intimate, focused atmosphere, CREATE is limited to eight women. We will stay in a beautiful mountain chalet in Idyllwild, CA, two hours east of Los Angeles, with a private yoga studio, outdoor jacuzzi, and hiking trails. Together, we'll explore three artistic practices - writing, drawing, and moving, in a series of four carefully designed play-shops. In your free time, walk in nature, sit quietly, or dive deeper into creative work of your choosing. In the evenings, we'll share our insights in a nurturing women's circle.

FEE: $595 by Feb. 1, $645 after. Limited to 8 participants.

- three morning yoga classes
- four artist play-shops that combine writing, drawing, and movement
- four sharing circles to reflect upon and exchange our wisdom and insights
- two phone consultations to discover or develop your next creative move (before and after the retreat)
- unstructured time to walk, be, scribble, write, dance, or whatever your inner artist asks for
- comfortable accommodations (limited room options - first come, first served)
- all meals from dinner Thursday to breakfast Sunday (we'll plan menus based on everyone's needs - you'll sign up to help with one meal)

REGISTER: If you feel called to join CREATE, consider which of the two stages below best reflects where you are right now. This stage will not lock you in to any particular experience, but whether you see yourself as a DISCOVERER or a DEVELOPER right now will help me better customize CREATE. Fill out the form below and I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Where are you right now?

Art by Anna & Elena Balbusso

Art by Anna & Elena Balbusso


You may feel the desire to be more expressive, inspired, and energized in some or all aspects of your life, but are not sure how to focus and grow that impulse into a personal creative engine. You may feel intimidated by certain artistic disciplines and curious about others. For you, this retreat experience will begin with an internal and external exploration of creative energy in your body, mind, and spirit. You’ll be prompted to respond to questions in writing, sample mindfulness practices to engage your inner artist, and try out three expressive art forms (writing, drawing, and dancing) as creative research. Over the course of the weekend, your intuition will guide you to choose a path forward that may include seeking specific training, creating a consistent home practice, or even launching a specific project when you return home.

Art by Anna & Elena Balbusso

Art by Anna & Elena Balbusso



You have plenty of ideas about what you’d love to create or get your hands into, but can’t quite make space in your life to complete that set of drawings, learn that song on the guitar, or write that software program. You come to this retreat knowing your creative potential but feeling somewhat blocked around its flow, whether that’s a scheduling challenge or some nagging hesitation. Your path will involve addressing both the inner and the outer obstacles that are slowing you down, and using the retreat to spend some quality time on some aspect of your project with no distractions. You’ll also engage with three artistic disciplines (writing, drawing, and dancing) as a means of expanding your perspective on your personal work. Finally, you’ll sketch out an action plan, with deadlines, to keep the momentum going when you return home.

Registration Form

The Essentials

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Which stage to you relate to most? *

Dates: March 22-25, 2018
(6pm Thursday - 12pm Sunday)

Location: Private residence in Idyllwild, CA*
Fee: $595 before Feb. 1, $645 after

*You are responsible for transportation to and from the retreat. We will coordinate ride-sharing from Los Angeles once the group has formed.


About Sharna

Sharna has worked as a professional artist since 1999, when she took the biggest leap of faith in her life, stepping away from a full-time job to spend several months in Buenos Aires studying the tango. Her dance career later earned her international recognition and inspired her to found a tango school, a performing company, and a nonprofit arts organization. Today, she dances, writes, and paints, and designs unique educational experiences like this one.

As a facilitator, Sharna has the rare ability to both articulate and embody her material, and her clients and students praise her holistic approach to creative growth and education. In addition to retreats and workshops, she teaches in the Theater Department at UCLA. Sharna has an MFA in Dance and is a certified yoga instructor and empowerment coach.