Photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

Photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

CONNECT: An 8-week coaching program to develop effective professional communication

By now, you’ve heard more than you ever wanted to know about “leadership,” but somehow, it’s still hard to ask for help, give constructive feedback to others, or simply say “No” when your plate is full. The nuances of professional communication may be subtle, but they are absolutely critical to both our success and our satisfaction at work.

What if leadership is not enough? Sometimes labeled “soft skills,” the ability to listen, ask thoughtful questions, set appropriate boundaries, and other relational tasks often fall into a list of what I term followership skills.

You may not be accustomed to using the term “followership” at all, much less placing it on par with leadership, but thinking about all professional interactions in terms of both leading AND following is one of the fastest ways I know of to build confident and natural-feeling communication skills.

This coaching program first evaluates your current following abilities, even if you have never called them that before, and then takes a closer look at common leading abilities as well (9 of each, 18 in total). This program does not ask you to memorize a script or apply a formulaic strategy. Rather, the double perspective of both followership and leadership is a powerful framework with which you will discover many ways of expressing yourself more authentically, and of making daily communications with colleagues, regardless of title, more efficient, dynamic, and creative.

Individual Coaching Outline

We begin with a comprehensive, 90-minute personal assessment. We take an inventory of where you stand right now with any known challenges in the communication arena, acknowledging that inner work and outer work must align for lasting, positive change to occur. Since coherence in body, mind, and heart is critical to making any major shift, our work will dive deep, exploring your current situation on multiple levels.

Next, we’ll work together over the next six weeks to activate and integrate nine specific followership skills and nine corresponding leadership skills. Some of these may be familiar to you, and others totally new. In these six 90-minute sessions, we’ll evaluate where they are likely to show up for you in your current position, and where you can practice them immediately.  We’ll also explore any limiting narratives and design customized “homework” in the form of concrete tasks and daily practices that support the ways in which you want to feel and act in all professional communication.

The more I explore communication, the more I recognize it as a foundation of meaningful, inspired work. In our final 90-minute session, we’ll reflect on the journey we’ve taken together and make a practical, strategic plan to help you keep the balance of followership and leadership active in your professional environment.

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What's Included
One 90-minute assessment session
Three 90-minute followership sessions
Three 90-minute leadership sessions
One 90-minute strategy session
CONNECT digital .pdf materials
Ongoing email support


Free No-Strings Consultation
If you are wanting to feel more confident, free, and comfortable in your professional communications, I would love to hear from you.  Fill out the short form to the right and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a time for us to talk. If you feel this coaching program is a good fit for you, then we’ll sign an agreement and schedule our first session. If I don’t think I can serve you at this time, I’ll do my best to recommend other resources or refer you to someone that might be a better match.

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