What is coaching anyway?

Different from consulting or therapy, coaching does not attempt to advise, analyze or fix. Rather, the technique of coaching gently but firmly expands and challenges your current perspective through a process of close listening and precise questioning. By learning to see yourself and your current situation with fresh eyes, you strengthen your ability to articulate and actualize both short- and long-term goals. Coaching can support you in pursuing professional ambitions, shifting relationship dynamics, launching new creative projects, or establishing a healthier work/life balance. The process is client-centered, and the expert on you is always YOU. We work as a team to uncover your unique path of brilliance.

Imagine a quiet, serene place within you that holds simple yet profound wisdom. Beneath the turbulent waves of your life, there is still water, and when all the loose sediment is allowed to settle, your truth speaks clearly. As your coach, I help you filter the clouds that obscure this wholly intact creative voice, and provide practical techniques to support its full emergence into the world. Sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, insights come from our steady, deliberate excavation. When your inner voice speaks, we both feel the truth of it, and work to hold it in our consciousness before everyday distractions shroud its elegant simplicity.

We have so much in us to express and contribute, and we are also extremely good at avoiding the things that make us feel uncomfortable. The mental gymnastics we perform to dance around our vulnerable spots are highly practiced systems of hiding the gold. The focused dialogue of coaching can be emotionally intense at times, but it also calls forth the courage that is needed to share the gifts that are uniquely yours to offer.

Would you like to learn more? One element of successful coaching is a strong partnership. To determine whether we're a good match, I offer a complimentary phone consultation. If I'm not the best person to serve you for this part of your journey, I'll be happy to refer you to other resources. Just fill out the short form on the right and I'll be in touch within 48 hours. For logistical questions, please also check out the Coaching FAQ or send me a personal note.


“Sharna’s openness was always something I had admired, but I believe it was her thoughtful but stern push that allowed me to dive into areas that I may have been unwilling to approach in the past. It was almost like having a doctor (coach) dive into the actual cause of the illness or wounds with a scalpel, and as a patient (myself) looking at it, acknowledging it, then giving it wings to let it go. The de-conditioning aspect of it was quite remarkable.” -Asuka Naito, International Relations Specialist
"Sharna is an inspiring woman and an undeniably talented coach.  The awareness, grace and kindness she brings to each session creates just the right kind of space to explore one’s inner world deeply and with compassion.  But don’t let her mild manner fool you; her wit and intelligence are razor sharp.  Her insights into my personal issues, conflicts, desires and dreams continue to surprise me, inspire me and help me shift towards a more positive way of being with myself and the world." -Amy Kessler, Documentary Film Editor
"When you are in Sharna's presence, you experience a peace and resilience within yourself.  She is caring, attentive, and fully present in each conversation, helping you to feel completely supported as she carefully leads you through the intricacies of your inner landscape.  She has assisted my growth in so many ways…to see the beauty that lies within each of us, to find the strength to nurture it, and to allow it to shine out brightly."  - Jillian Arena, Yoga Teacher
"Sharna has a way of affirming and acknowledging, sometimes without even having to say anything, the unwieldy emotions that surface during our work together in a way that leaves me feeling safe, feeling intact. Equally impressive is her natural ability to hone in on insights hidden in what's unsaid. This keen perception has helped me uncover blind-spots and make new connections that brought new perspectives and possibilities. Working with Sharna has led me on a journey of exploring what I would welcome to my life when I am willing to surrender control. And what a gift it has been and will continue to be! -Alice Wang, Software Engineer