CLARIFY: 5 weeks to launch a big idea

Big ideas don’t always come in neat, tidy packages. They may strike at 3 o’clock in the morning, in the shower, or while waiting in traffic. Sometimes they fade in slowly over time, in jumbled or symbolic form, or arrive at a moment of crisis. You may see yourself in a different job, imagine the concept for a new business, or suddenly know how you’re meant to empower a specific community. When the idea comes, it resonates deep within you, but the creative labor of translating that flash of insight into an actionable plan has just begun.

That’s where I would love to help you.

Over many years of connecting art, business, and community, I’ve become a skilled synthesizer of concepts. In this accelerated program of five 90-minute coaching sessions, I’ll listen for your brilliance and ask the focused questions that help you speak your truth and articulate your vision. Whether you need a mission statement, bio, speech, proposal, project description, or something else, I’ll put my academic editing skills to work to help you find the words that come from the heart and truly serve your purpose. Together, we’ll develop concise, descriptive language and make concrete plans to start the proverbial ball rolling.

A hybrid of coaching and content creation, this program does both the inner and outer work to move you into a new role in the world. Prepare to put in 2-3 hours a week outside of our session time in an ongoing email exchange. You’ll write and revise material, set deadlines, and check items off a to-do list. I work dynamically with you as a partner because I know that it’s the collaborative dialogue itself that produces extraordinary work. As your vision becomes clearer and you set the wheels in motion, speed bumps may appear in the form of limiting internal narratives or unexpected external circumstances. We’ll address these in our sessions with courage and compassion, mindfully transforming obstacles into opportunities.

If you’re on the cusp of something big, I would be honored to support you in taking your next radical leap forward.

"Creating a new business brings both personal and professional challenges. Working with Sharna clarified my values and helped me see how who I am integrates with what I do. Sharna articulated what I offer my clients by transcribing what I talked about into beautiful language and combining it with photographs to create my website. Sharna’s empathy, creativity and intelligence as a coach, writer and designer make her an invaluable resource for anyone undertaking a new project."  -Kerstin Hellmann, Hellmann Architecture

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Five 90-minute coaching sessions
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If you have an ambitious project you’re ready to bring into the world, or a shift you’re ready to make that will position you to contribute in a bigger and brighter way, I would absolutely love to hear about it. Fill out the short questionnaire to the right and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a time for us to talk. If this program feels like a good fit for you, we’ll sign an agreement and schedule our first session. If I don’t think I can serve you at this time, I’ll do my best to recommend other resources or refer you to someone that might be a better match.

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