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You embody your Brilliance when you speak and act from your inner wisdom and highest truth. It’s how you feel when you are aligned with your life purpose, when you’re engaged, creative, and in the flow! Foundations of Brilliance is based on an empowerment method designed to clear away mental baggage and emotional debris so that you can live your most fulfilling and meaningful life. If you’re feeling anxious, afraid, lost, or unsure about what you want in your life or in your work, you’re not alone! The tools in this course will help you find the answers you’re seeking.

Course Outline:

Week 1: The Quest - Pairing Intentions with Goals
Week 2: The Lamp - Principles to Guide Your Way
Week 3: The Compass - Your Values and Your Vision
Week 4: The Treasure - Transforming Limiting Beliefs

What to Expect:

This course is a fantastic way to unleash and develop the brilliance within, whether it be for romantic relationships, improving finances, professional growth, or expanding self-compassion. Excellent, heartfelt class that encourages you to think deeply and look within!
— S. D., Physical Therapist

-You will learn and grow as part of a small, intentional group whose members are coming together for a shared purpose. Hearing the stories of others, and sharing your own stories in this setting, is a safe and effective way to incorporate new ways of being.

-You will have 1-2 hours of inspiring reading and writing exercises to complete each week, all from the book included in the course fee. This course is packed with material you could be working on for some time. You get it all, so you can immediately apply what’s relevant to your life right now and save the rest for later!

- You’ll receive ongoing email support from me throughout the course. You can write to me anytime with questions about the material and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Special Offer

This process has led me to connect deeper with myself and my needs so I can meet them, and learn to give myself more of the love I seek.
— N.R., Marketing Manager

In week four of the Brilliance course, you’ll learn a powerful process to uncover and transform long-held belief patterns in your body and mind. This process can be challenging, at first, without the focused dialogue that a trained coach can provide. In order to help you get the greatest possible value from this material, I am including one full (75-minute) private coaching session with me, packaged together with the course fee, so that you can walk away with a thorough understanding of how to name your own limiting beliefs, track them in your body, and transform them into empowering truths.

Course - $80
Private Session - $125
Total - $205
20% Package Discount - $164

*You will also need to purchase the book Brilliance on your own ($12)

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About Sharna

Sharna is an artist, educator, and certified Brilliance coach. She has studied a wide variety of arts and healing disciplines that integrate body, mind, and spirit, and loves helping others craft lives of purpose by tuning in to their own inner wisdom. An experienced teacher and facilitator, she is skilled in identifying links between patterns of thinking and feeling, and also able to offer the grounded, compassionate support needed to make courageous changes.