Current Exhibitions

Dec. 1-Feb. 2, 2019: Romeo Chocolates, 460 Pine Ave., Long Beach

Purchasing Work Online

All artwork is available for purchase unless marked SOLD. Please send me a note to reserve a piece for your home or work space.



The pastel works below come Matted in black wood frames, ready to hang.

Artist Statement


Like many two-year olds, I expressed an early love for streaking bright colors all over myself, the walls, and any objects within reach. When brushes were not available, my mother tells me finger painting would keep me occupied for hours. Growing up, I shifted my focus to tidier art forms such as poetry and contemporary dance, and between 1997-2017, I worked as a performing artist and movement educator, both on a local community level and on tour throughout the United States and Europe.

A longtime practitioner of yoga, the concepts of mindfulness, intention, and creativity gradually wove themselves together in my choreography and in my teaching. I became more and more interested in how the cultivation of one's inner state influences artistic craft, and vice versa. In 2016, I began painting as a way to explore this idea in another medium.

Focusing on color and texture, and allowing the mind to rest on the sensation of marking the paper, these abstract compositions are inspired both by the witnessing state of sitting meditation and by the active listening and responding found in improvised performance.