Hello there, fellow traveler!

If you find yourself at a pivot point or in the midst of a major transition just now, you’re in good company! Our current moment is one of both tremendous instability and tremendous creative potential, and many are feeling an impulse, ready or not, to shake up their lives and to contribute in new and powerful ways.

I’m a change maker myself, and I would be honored to support you in taking your next radical leap forward. As an artist, community builder, and entrepreneur, my own professional identity has evolved over the years from teacher and producer to writer and coach, and I've come to recognize change, itself, as a creative process.

I was overwhelmed by my job and couldn’t stand to be there. Sharna’s thoughtful but stern push allowed me to dive into areas that I had been unwilling to approach in the past, and that I didn’t realize were influencing my conflicts at work. It was almost like having a doctor (coach) dive into the actual cause of the illness or wounds with a scalpel, and as a patient (myself) looking at it, acknowledging it, then giving it wings to let it go. The de-conditioning aspect of our work was quite remarkable, and I saw a positive impact on my professional relationships.
— Asuka Naito, Client Account Manager, Los Angeles, CA

A kind of dynamic paradox, I believe change asks us to both follow and lead, to intentionally "be" as much as we "do," and to remain open to possibility even as we set specific, concrete goals. Whether you're dreaming up a new career, a new book, or a new social enterprise, my job is to support the process of change for you, providing focused dialogue and just the right amount of structure to help you reconnect with your own innate creativity.

For me, creativity is not just about making art. It's what happens when your intuition meets your intellect. It's an integrated way of living that I believe we need now to meet our historical, global moment with clarity and, strange as it may sound, optimism. I believe creativity can help us fold the laundry, resolve international disputes, build sustaining relationships, and craft lives of purpose.

Practical by nature, I can promise that any programs I offer will be neatly organized. At the same time, my approach is balanced by a poetic sensibility and a touch of elegance and playfulness. Sound good? Take the first step by scheduling a free call to chat about where you are now and where you'd like to go. I look forward to speaking with you!

Professional Bio


Sharna Fabiano is an artist, educator, and certified Brilliance coach. Her long study of improvisation and partner dance has made her a specialist in Argentine Tango, for which she is recognized internationally. She brings her insights from the world of movement and performance into the professional sphere with an innovative training program on Empowered Followership, a set of skills that complement those of leadership to support strong communication, collaboration, and creativity in the work place.

Sharna's accomplishments in the dance world include establishing two tango schools, directing her own dance company, and founding the nonprofit organization, Tango Mercurio. Throughout her dance career, she was an outspoken advocate for learning both leading and following roles independent of gender, a practice that cultivates greater empathy, equality, inclusion, and creativity in social dance environments. In 2011, she collaborated with author Ira Chaleff on a video presentation using tango to illustrate effective followership strategies in businesses and organizations. In 2017, she received a Hemera Foundation artist fellowship to explore the connection between contemplative practice and art making, and she was invited to speak on Followership at the Hopscotch Design Festival in Raleigh, NC.

Sharna earned an MFA in Dance from UCLA and is based in southern California. Her choreography has been shown locally at UCLA, Electric Lodge and Highways Performance Space. Her paintings have been shown at Art Share LA, Long Beach Art Exchange, Beacon Art Space, and Kennedy Grace Gallery.