Dec. 7, 10-11, 2016:
Speaking Tango in DC

Gain powerful creative techniques to develop your own dancing, and learn to guide others with sensitivity and effectiveness.

Speaking Tango is an intensive seminar for advanced dancers and new teachers. You’ll learn to observe and describe movement with precision, give and receive empowering feedback, and diagnose common beginner challenges. You’ll leave with a set of tools to guide your own development as a dancer, and to support others in theirs.

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 March 5-12, 2017:
Aloha Girls Retreat

WOMEN OF TANGO: Join Brigitta Winkler and myself for a tropical, transformative, tango adventure on the Hawaiian island of Maui!

This week-long retreat combines yoga and bodywork, a daily tango curriculum focused on lady leading, and excursions into the breathtaking natural environment of Maui. Aloha Girls is simultaneously a rigorous tango immersion, a soulful creative journey, and a glorious vacation with kindred spirits! 

“The Aloha Girls women’s retreat was like a week-long elaborately prepared and finely crafted banquet of tango delicacies. Brigitta and Sharna used only the finest ingredients from their vast storehouses of teaching skills...I found the “high-five!” kind of joy of learning, and I found inspiration for the future of tango in my world.” — Vicky Ayers

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Tango Intentions:
Get your own card deck!

"I have learned a lot about my dancing habits and preferences, my beliefs and my development potential. It's so easy because the cards allow to be somebody else and you can dance in a way you would never do when you dance at your normal milongas."  –Claudia Schutze, Berlin

"I want to tell you how much I admire the first glance my knee-jerk reaction was that it seemed silly, but when [a friend] walked me through it, I was truly amazed at what an AWESOME tool they are for learning/teaching tango." –Sidney Grant, 2011 USA Argentine Tango Salon Champion, NYC

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