You spend a third of your life at work. Shouldn't all those hours add up to something that matters?

What if you could spend every day doing work that is satisfying and rewarding? What if you could have truly great relationships with your colleagues? With your boss?

If you're feeling stressed, burned-out, or overwhelmed right now, you're not alone. Thousands of professionals just like you are realizing that money alone does not bring happiness, that a meaningful life includes meaningful work.

Before Sharna’s coaching, I was struggling with my creative work. For a couple of years, I could not bring myself to start writing again no matter how hard I tried and I felt crippled with shame, frustration, and doubt. Through the coaching process, I became excited about my work again and reconnected with my creative energy. Sharna helped me make life choices from a place of authenticity and higher consciousness. She helped me to listen to my truest, wisest self. I became more confident about my abilities and my desire to write returned. She also helped me make concrete plans to capitalize on my renewed positivity. By the end of our coaching sessions, I had a regular writing practice.
— - A.M., Writer, Durham, NC

If you've reached the point where know something has to change, I hear you. I've been there many times, and I've become a savvy navigator of professional discomfort.

I would love to chat with you about what's not working, and what we can do about it. Welcome to the most important phase of change: the beginning.

I can help you resolve professional conflicts, reclaim your time, and set healthy boundaries. If it's time for you to switch careers entirely, I can help you craft a new professional identity, one that inspires you to celebrate your one and only life.