March 4-11, 2018:
Aloha Girls Retreat

Spend a whole week on the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii while deepening your tango and enjoying the incredible beauty of rolling waves, gentle breezes, and lush landscapes.  

Brigitta Winkler and I collaborate to bring you a joyous and unique tango island adventure! Both a rigorous educational immersion and a customized vacation, our program weaves together body-mind training, tango, incredible food, tango sisterhood, and breathtaking beaches!


March 22-25, 2018:
CREATE Retreat

Art is everywhere and for everyone. As a personal practice, your creativity is a powerful tool with which you can intuitively direct your life choices.

This retreat coincides with the Spring Equinox, a celebration of the potential for growth and the coming of the light. Reconnect with your creativity through open-ended writing, drawing, and movement workshops. Plant the seeds for a new professional goal, a new personal project, or a new way of being.