March 5-12, 2017:
Aloha Girls Retreat

WOMEN OF TANGO: Join Brigitta Winkler and myself for a tropical, transformative, tango adventure on the Hawaiian island of Maui!

This week-long retreat combines yoga and bodywork, a daily tango curriculum focused on lady leading, and excursions into the breathtaking natural environment of Maui. Aloha Girls is simultaneously a rigorous tango immersion, a soulful creative journey, and a glorious vacation with kindred spirits!

This event is FULL!

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 June 8-11, 2017:
PodeRosa Retreat

WOMEN OF TANGO: Do you want to lead? Join me and DJ extraordinaire Adriana Pinto for a relaxing and inspiring weekend in New England.

PodeRosa is a 3-day retreat set in the beautiful woodlands and meadows of western Massachusetts. Become a more calm and confident leader, replenish with a daily yoga practice designed for tango dancers, and re-energize your spirit with walks through the forest.

"The women's tango retreat totally transformed my dance." - Madeleine Gersh

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Tango Intentions:
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"I have learned a lot about my dancing habits and preferences, my beliefs and my development potential. It's so easy because the cards allow to be somebody else and you can dance in a way you would never do when you dance at your normal milongas."  –Claudia Schutze, Berlin

"I want to tell you how much I admire the first glance my knee-jerk reaction was that it seemed silly, but when [a friend] walked me through it, I was truly amazed at what an AWESOME tool they are for learning/teaching tango." –Sidney Grant, 2011 USA Argentine Tango Salon Champion, NYC

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