Speaking Tango
May 11, 14-15 in Washington, D.C. (FULL)

Learn to self-direct your own study of tango and become an effective guide and partner for others

Speaking Tango is a seminar about how our thoughts and words become real-time dance experiences. You’ll learn to observe and describe movement with precision, give and receive empowering feedback, and facilitate the learning process for others. You’ll leave with a set of tools to guide your own development as a dancer, and to support the creative journeys of others.

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 June 2-5: Yoga & Tango Retreat in Vermont
(2 spots left!)

Become a creative and inspired leader and shift your tango experience to the next level.

Dancing both roles is both a practical skill and a creative journey. Increase your balance, precision, and connection with others, and become more confident in your own contribution to every dance, whether following or leading. This holistic retreat brings together a mindful yoga practice, the beauty of nature, and focused time building your creative leading skills.

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